Upstream Network Connectivity Outage Wednesday 18th July 2018 12:35:00

We are experiencing a major upstream network outage. Our network admins are actively working on identifying and fixing the issue.

The upstream network incident has been resolved.

We are again monitoring the situation closely after another solution has been implemented.

The network issue is back again. We are working to identify an fix the issue.

The issue has been partially resolved. Connectivity has been restored and we are currently closely monitoring the situation. There may be some remaining performance issues even though the network is up and running as expected.

We have identified a major fiber cut. Repair crews are on site working on it. At least two of our upstream providers have been cut. Another one had issues with updating the BGP routing tables. There are multiple approaches we are trying in order to return to normal as soon as possible. Depending on what works faster, we should be operational in a few minutes in the best case scenario, or in about an hour in the worst case scenario.